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Don’t eat Playdough Cupcakes – It’s Not Healthy

Don’t eat cupcakes made out of Playdough – it’s not healthy”

Wise words from one of our younger participants.

Here at Kids Play we encourage each child to have a voice (and by golly, some of them are LOUD!) So each week we shine the spotlight (a metaphorical spotlight I may add…we don’t have the budget for a real one) on anyone who wants to perform. This can be a song, dance, Shakespearean monologue, poem, martial arts demonstration: we’re pretty much open to anything.  Highlights have included one 5 year old boy’s beautiful rendition of the ever-so-popular ‘Let It Go’ in a wonderfully strong Glaswegian accent; a 9 year old girl with the voice of a 40 year old soul singer, and most recently, a recital of a poem which the child had written herself. About llamas.

The poem comprised of a detailed description of all the different llamas one could find (if one looked hard enough), such as “Happy llama” “ sad llama”  “strong llama”  “party llama”  “Cool llama” “Not-cool llama” “Mama llama”

And so on and so forth.

Who knew there were 3 pages-worth of varying llamas?

My personal favourite was of course, the “drama llama.”

But the ultimate winner of the “Best Llama-Related-Pun-Award-Ever-Written-By-A-9-Year-Old” goes to…

Barack – O-Llama.

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