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"We want our volunteering and fundraising activities to have a real impact..."

At Be Enriched, we always appreciate the support of corporate teams. That’s why we are delighted that the tech insurance company Urban Jungle has selected us as one of its ‘charity partners’ this year.

Urban Jungle works hard to make insurance fair for their customers. The team uses technology to challenge the status quo, making insurance easy and accessible for all, embracing an approach led by empathy. They are committed to setting higher standards now and for future generations, and caring for their staff, customers, and wider community alike. Their commitment to local charities is one way they achieve their ambition to “aim for extraordinary.” With Be Enriched’s Castle Canteen a stones-throw away from them, and our aligned interests of making the local community a better place for everyone, Urban Jungle’s decision to support us is a natural choice.

Since committing to support Be Enriched, the seventy strong team has already thrown themselves into fundraising. In May, everyone at the company got involved in a sponsored race: walking, running, rowing, swimming and biking with the aim to travel as far as they could, while getting plenty of donations to support their efforts. Through the team’s dedication, and just a little bit of friendly rivalry, they raised more than £900 for us.

Over the next year, the company will be looking at other ways to support us, including additional fundraising activities, as well as exploring the possibility of volunteering in our Community Canteens. The team are also kindly looking into the possibility of offering their expertise and experience for skills-sharing sessions with our staff. We are so excited at the opportunity to learn and grow as a charity with Urban Jungle’s support, and we can’t wait to, in turn, partner with them and provide them with opportunities to give-back in the community.

Mollie Brownlow, Senior Operations Manager at Urban Jungle said: “We’re really excited for this partnership with Be Enriched. We want our volunteering and fundraising activities to have a real impact - building a partnership with Be Enriched will make sure we can make a difference where they, and the people they support, need it the most.”

We are very grateful to everyone at Urban Jungle, and look forward to working with them to enrich communities over the next twelve months.

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