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Where is Autumn?

This is the question we have been asking ourselves at BEE HQ. By this time the leaves should be falling a golden yellow off the trees and we should have a few warm breezy evenings. But it seems to have just skipped Autumn and gone straight for winter. Brrrrrrr!

As has fundraising. At BEE HQ we have been thinking about what activities to do for October half term, and, more into the distance, Halloween. But today we had our first letter drop of charity christmas appeals. (SAY WHAT!) Are we already meant to by vying for the public’s seasonal generosity? We aren’t ready. Should we be worried that we will miss our slot?

Be Enriched have a Graveney get together planned for 14th December and a huge christmas meal planned for the 18th December, but we think its a bit early to start asking for money for either of those events. Apparently not!

So, If you fancy supporting our Community christmas dinner, make a donation and help us buy a few chickens

(lets see if this works!)

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