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Advice for the Cost of Living Crisis

We know it's not an easy time for lots of people and their finances, so we have put together suggestions and links aimed at helping you save money and reduce bills. We hope there's something for everyone to help free up a few pounds.

We have also created a list of affordable, healthy recipes, including those that make the best use of leftovers. Find all 11 on our dedicated page.

In addition to the points below, we are able to share the document on the right about maximising your money.

This may provide helpful links and advice, especially for those in Wandsworth.

Remember, Be Enriched does what it can to help unite people and food. Why not get your shop with The Food Bus? It offers low cost fruit, veg and essentials in four different spots each week. It's open to anyone to use, and by shopping with us you are supporting the community.

We also serve up a three course meal, free of charge, each week at our Elephant and Castle (Monday), and Tooting (Friday) Community Canteens. You can meet others in the local area while enjoying a healthy, nutritious lunch. Find out more on our Canteens page.


According to the Food Foundation, one in ten households have experienced food insecurity in the last six months. Here's some tips for saving money on your shopping:

  • Shop in the reduced section, By visiting supermarkets towards the end of the day, you can often pick up cheaper food which cannot be sold the next day

  • Make the most of you loyalty cards, Check out deals or offers, and use coupons 

  • Shop second hand. It not only saves money, but is also better for the environment. Try Vinted, Depop, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, or local Car Boot Sales

  • Don’t get lured into sales – only buy what you need, when you need it

  • Wait for sales. Do you need it now, or can you wait until it's reduced in price

Food Bus volunteer (1).jpg

Heating and hot water

Warming up a house, and the water inside it, can be one of the biggest costs right now. Here's some points to think about:

  • Put your boiler on a timer, and turn down the temperature

  • Bleed radiators to improve their efficiency

  • After cooking, do not switch on your heating but leave the oven door open to make use of the heat

  • When it comes to washing clothes, spin them, and avoid the tumbler dryer, especially in warmer months

  • Use a washing up bowl, rather than filling the sink or using the dishwasher

  • Ensure showers last no longer than four minutes

  • If you live in Wandsworth, Rickmansworth or Merton, and want help to keep warm or reduce your energy bill, you can get extra advice from South West London Energy Advice Partnership (SWLEAP). Check out their leaflet


  • If possible walk or cycle, don't drive

  • If you do drive, change up gear sooner, and, where safe, allow yourself to slow naturally rather than hitting the brakes

  • Declutter your car, and remove anything you don't need, like roof racks. The lighter your car, the more fuel efficient it will be

  • Keep your tyres inflated - this makes the car more fuel efficient

  • Make the most of any discount cards for public transport, including having them loaded onto your Oystercard, if you can



As electricity costs continue to rise, here's a few things to think about:


  • Switch off devices, rather than leaving them on standby

  • Don't leave plug sockets turned on at the wall, especially when nothing is plugged in

  • Use electricity during off-peak hours (6pm onwards), if possible

  • Check light bulbs are energy saving

  • It's more expensive to boil kettle during scheduled ad breaks on TV

  • Only boil the water that you need

Useful links

Below is a series of websites where you may be able to find more advice and information to help you:


You can also get help You can find out more about our Community Canteens (offering a free meal twice a week, in Elephant and Castle and then Tooting) and The Food Bus (with low cost food and essentials available at four stops each week across Lambeth and Wandsworth) at:

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