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Event Volunteering

We are supporting our sister social enterprise, Brixton People’s Kitchen (BPK), as the team brings people together for two amazing events. Do you fancy joining in, supporting the local community and showing that sharing tastes better?

Well Seasoned Supper Clubs, 30 May - 1 June. Volunteers needed for 5 - 9pm

Well-Seasoned is about adding a little bit (or a lot) of spice, celebrating bold flavours, heritage and culture through food and most importantly- celebrating the amazing chefs they have lined up!

The hosts will be, Masterchef quarter-finalist Yui Miles, the incredible Dine with Dina (Dina Macki) and soul food sorceress, Safiya Robinson- founder of Sisterwoman Vegan.

All proceeds from this event will go straight back into the running of BPK so that the team can continue to help our communities in crisis- especially as the cost of living rises. This includes supporting the new community shop and canteen

Would you be interested in helping the chefs, delivering service or the general event? Details below

Lambeth Walk Street Party, 2 June, Volunteers needed from 2 - 6pm

BPK is bringing people together to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The team is calling all Lambeth Walk residents, alongside the local community to come and meet neighbours, share a meal, and, most importantly, have some fun!

BPK will be inviting businesses and caterers to contribute and provide a free, yummy, nutritious meal. There will also be a pay as you feel, pop-up grocery store where you can pick some fresh veggies, and cupboard staples, alongside music, and some live performances too.

But, they need help to make the party a success! Details at the bottom of the page

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Well Seasoned Supper Clubs volunteering 

Chef's Assistant 

In this role you will be helping our brilliant chefs serve their meals! 

Volunteers required from 5 to 9pm


Do you have experience in hospitality?

We need your help to keep our guests happy.

Volunteers required from 5 to 9 pm

General Events Staff


In this role you will help set up for the supper club, keep the guests happy and close down the event tent.

Volunteers required from 5 to 9pm

Street Party volunteering 

in this role, you will assist the team throughout the day. All volunteers will be encouraged to join in with the community and enjoy the festivities.

Duties include:

  • helping to clear up the street party

  • keeping the street clean and tidy throughout the day

  • chatting with the community and making them feel welcome, while having a great time!

Volunteers are required from 2pm-6pm.

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