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Today we were Superheroes…and it was awesome!

So here at Kids Play we’ve decided to write a little blog to keep you lovely folks updated on what we’re doing. And what we doing, (much to my delight), was being superheroes.

You see it was our first day back, in a brand spanking new space (which the kids quickly discovered had an extremely loud ECHO –O –o-o), so we thought we’d have an exciting new theme to work with. And what’s more exciting than Superheroes? Nothing!

Apart from maybe BEING a Superhero? Well my friends, we had it covered.

We had the usual line up of vigilantes: Batman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Catgirl (a mixture of Catwoman and Batgirl I presume), but we had some amazing new additions such as “Crime-Fighting-With-my Inner-Beauty-girl” (ok that might have been me), a super Sassy princess, a Martial-arts mum, and (my personal favourite) “Captain Teacher”: whose super-power was the extraordinary ability to silence noisy children.

We played Superhero games like “Get to the Batmobile!” (a team building exercise that works on focus, quick-thinking, and the ability to drive imaginary cars), “Batman says” (like Simon says but so much better), “Spiderman Salad” – a lot like ‘Fruit Salad’ but with more legs…and a non-superhero game called ‘Fast Facts’, where teams of 2 have 30 seconds to find out 2 facts about each other. We had some great answers: one 8 year old girl is learning to play the drums (I’m sure her mum loves that!), someone has a black belt in Karate, and our cutest fact of the day came from a 4 year old who declared “my fact is that my mum is amazing because she loves me.”

All together now: awwwwww!

Of course every hero needs a Nemesis, and boy did we have some great ones! We had “Growling Boy”, who had the terrifying power of…growling. “Crystal Man” turned everyone into giant crystals and then sold them on Ebay (ok, I made the last bit up), and “CATMAN!”, the sweetest 5 year old who would “scratchy scratch people”.

The best thing about being a superhero in drama was that we didn’t need any fancy costumes (no shiny lycra was used in the making of these vigilantes). We had no props, no special effects, and all superpowers were activated – not by a radioactive bug bite or nuclear explosion – but by the shed load of grapes and bananas consumed at the start of the session (by the power of potassium!)

So if you’re ever a bit fed up, not feeling so super: put on your imaginary cape; make some “whoosh” noises, and “GET TO THE BATMOBILE!”

(Kids Play Family Drama is a Be Enriched Project running in Glasgow. Please donate to this project here)

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