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Enriching Community Through Food


We are a South London-based charity that uses food to bring joy and connection to the socially excluded, develop skills in young people, build communities and grow future generations. 

We work with volunteer home cooks and chefs with a passion for food, wellbeing and kindness.

Since 2013, we have brought food to people each year across neighbouring London Boroughs.

Our projects are full of joy and life.

People eat, make friends, teach each other new skills and communities are connected.

We need your help to show food is a universal language

Times are hard right now, especially for those coming to our country to flee wars and natural disasters.

We are fundraising for a new project that will help refugees further connect with the community.

With the help of one of our volunteers, we will be bringing refugees together at our Tooting Community Canteen, supporting them with their English, and inviting them to join us for a hot, healthy meal with others from the local area.

We need donations to help deliver this project. Anything helps, and whatever you give will be doubled by Co-op.

Support us with a donation here

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