It's Be Enriched's, and sister charity Brixton People's Kitchen (BPK), birthday month!

Be Enriched has been a registered charity for five years, and BPK has been showing how sharing tastes better for a decade.


We're not in the mood for celebrating though!

At this time of year, we are doing what we can to support more people, but we need your help!

We are asking if you can spare £5, £10 or £15 for each year we have been working to connect our local communities with food and with each other.

  • £5 goes towards the cost of an Emergency Festive Box.

  • £10 helps provide a weekly shop for a person.

  • £15 will help us feed an adult and a child, who may otherwise not have access to a healthy meal.

Over 400 people a week benefit from our projects,

All donations are going to be match funded, so anything you can give will be doubled.

Can you help us enrich communities through food?

Birthday Fundraiser - can you help us?

Enriching Community Through Food


We are a South London-based charity that uses food to bring joy and connection to the socially excluded, develop skills in young people, build communities and grow future generations. 

We work with volunteer home cooks and chefs with a passion for food, wellbeing and kindness.

Since 2013, we have brought food to people each year across neighbouring London Boroughs.

Our projects are full of joy and life.

People eat, make friends, teach each other new skills and communities are connected.


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