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CooksForce half-term cooking classes

Last week we completed a successful programme of half-term cooking lessons in Tooting as part of our new project, CooksForce.  Together, we created some delicious, nutritious and easy recipes. Our focus was how to make things from scratch, at home and on a budget and with time constraints. We also chose recipes that were suitable for any age group and we had a wide range of ages participating with us throughout the week.

Over the week we made fresh pasta & pesto, root-veg soup, pastry, mediterranean dips, tabouleh salad, two-ingredient flat breads, black bean burgers, guacamole, salsa and banana muffins. We got our hands dirty rolling out pastry and our fresh pasta and made sure we were getting  plentiful portions of fruit & veg. An enjoyable and informative week!

Look out on our Twitter for our next cooking lessons, coming soon!

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