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Crowdfunding – So Tiring!

If you’ve headed over to our website at any time the past month you’ll know that we have been crowdfunding for our own space.

We aimed – Are still aiming to raise £16,000 ( Just 1.5k off now) – in order to have a deposit and set up an awesome community focused project with workshops, holistic therapies, workspace, advice and support and a PAY-IF-YOU-CAN Cafe, amongst other things that people need and want.

We thought it would be simple. It has been the most stressful month of this year to date!

We really thought that if a company could raise 148 million for a computer game, £16,000 to help actual real people would be simple.  Just pop it online and the merits of the project will sell itself. Actually, you’ve really got to make people fall in love with your project and your cause and really keep reminding them of the benefits your project will bring and they may, just may give you a few quid.

we must have sent out 7000 emails,  200 Facebook posts,50 tweets, attended 4 community events5 community newsletters, a Mailchimp every 2-3 days, 2 radio interviews, 1 article in a local newspaper, texts to friends and  and I guess this has worked because we’re at £14.5 k and have generated a whole bunch of interest from the local community.

If we’ve learnt anything this month its that we don’t know how to blow our own trumpet, but we’re going to get better

Check out our crowdfunder here and contact us if you’d like to know more

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