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Hottest Day of the year?

Has anyone else been hearing the term ‘Its the hottest day of the year’ bandied about?

I have, regularly, and repeatedly. Its clear to all that we will really know the hottest day of the year, Next year…

So for the minute we can enjoy the weather, A la carte, as it comes and daily. And probably not what the various internet weather forecasts report, as recently they’ve been really off. I’ve been informed by a reliable source that this is due to the unpredictability of the weather at the moment, global warming, ice caps melting and polar bears turning grey.. Kind of defeats the purpose of a forecast then, doesn’t it!

So be prepared, as the boy scouts say. Carry an umbrella, rain coat, snow boots, shorts, vest, wooly jumper and don’t forget your sun cream.

Despite common beliefs, people of all colours can get skin cancer. According to Cancer research UK more than two young people are diagnosed with melanoma every day. Thats two too many.

It doen’t take much to carry a pocket sized bottle of suncream in your bag, wear a hat or shirt with long sleeves. In the long run it  will be better than surgery, radiotherapy or even chemotherapy which could be used to help you recover. But it’s

Youth of 2014 Wear SunScreen!

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