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How to Sing a song without words…

This week at our Be Enriched project, Kidsplay Family Drama, which runs in Glasgow’s East End at Bluevale Community Centre, was an informative and inspiring day.

Our usual group leader Rachel was covered by the our talented cover drama leader, Jack Nelson, along with our two placement students and supervisor. The room was buzzing with energy!

After our usual healthy snacks (…”these strawberries are massive, yum!”) and cuppas with the families, we had our drama session. These week the family fun included Jack’s vocal warm ups,  which we assured the group are just as silly as those used by singers and actors across the land! We also enjoyed some group singing ( an original song written by our very own children’s writing extraordinaire, Rachel Leonard).

The group were also treated to a lesson in British Sign Language, by our placement student, Alice, who taught us the BSL version of ‘Ba Ba Woolly Sheep’ and this led to a discussion about different ways of communicating, where some of our children taught the adults a thing or two!

We hope to have a special community guest visiting the group next week to see what we’re upto, which will be exciting!

We’re looking forward to being joined by any new families who would like to spend some family time enjoying drama games and bonding through drama movement and song.   The stress relief and social aspect of the group is also a reason our big kids enjoy the sessions as much as the wee ones.

The group runs at Bluevale community Centre, on Mondays, snack time is from 4pm and Drama is from 4.30-5.30. If you’re interested in bringing your family along, follow us @kidsplaydrama or on facebook here:

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