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It begins….

I thought I’d just write a quick travel blog for the Erasmus plus crew about the trips happening over the summer. Don’t expect anything amazing, but I will include photos!

Im in Newbridge near Dublin for the Advance planning visit. It’s been a pretty easy ride so far except I purposely took out my umbrella, so obviously it’s raining cats and dogs outside this morning. cRUMBS!

Met the Crooked house theatre guys yesterday and had a good old chat over some delicious food. Looking forward to the talk today.

The hotel is amazing. Comes with pool, gym and jacuzzi! Wifi in every room and …….. English speaking TV. We watched a bit of Simpsons before heading out last night. It’s a small town, so don’t expect much, but it does have a Penny’s aka Primark!

Meeting the Austrians and Portugese today so will update you on how day one goes



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