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Maths is the word!

Be Enriched has been working with other youth agencies from around Europe to provide overseas learning and citizenship building experiences to young people who may not otherwise get the chance.

We know that given the opportunity many young people would jump at the chance to leave the UK for 5-14 days, meet others from Europe and develop cool and intrusting projects while learning about themselves.

‘So its just a holiday?’ some of you might say.

Oh no! You’ll be up at the crack of dawn and bed late at night creating projects that will develop you as a person and when you return sharing your experiences with others and your community.

I could say more, but it would be better to hear it from the young people who have already been, and this forms part of your training, should you be selected to go. Join the Be Enriched facebook page and ask them yourself.

The first of these projects is happening in Turkey 8-15 March and will be about how we use maths in all of everyday life from cooking to sport.

Travel and accom

modation are funded and you only have fundraise a small deposit fee to save your place.

So if you are a group, friends or individual who might be interested in taking part, contact us on by Jan 20th

Ankara City

Ankara City

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