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My best bits – Battersea Canteen

As project coordinator for the Battersea Canteen, one of the best bits of the job for me is seeing the difference it makes to the attending guests. It is a really valued part of their week for many reasons. I had a chat with one of the regular guests, Pat, who is a local resident living in Battersea. She shared a bit about why she comes back week after week. “It’s just a lovely little evening. The food is excellent so I don’t have to worry about fixing anything up for myself that evening”. As a community project, one of our aims is to create a space in which people can come to a safe, welcoming, relaxed environment where the pressures of daily life can be lifted, and while many of our projects revolve around surplus food, creating wonderful dishes for our guests to enjoy is another key element.

The canteen also attracts people from all walks of life and has become a vibrant hub for socializing, a reason why Pat loves to come. “I really enjoy coming here, it’s always a convivial evening with an eclectic bunch of people. A friend and myself found the place by chance. We thought, “Shall we give it a go, why not!” And discovered it was a lovely atmosphere, great people and a wonderful evening. The social benefits are just great.”

“I would be very upset if the canteen was to stop. It would be a real loss to the community” was Pats response when I asked her how she would feel if the Canteen ceased to exist. The Battersea Canteen is a valued asset to the community, providing space for interaction, great food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Come and join us for a meal, some fun and to relax in a lovely space.

The Battersea Canteen @ The London Cooking Project. Every Tuesday evening from 7pm.


Project Coordinator

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