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Today we asked some big questions…

At Kidsplay, we address the big issues in life. Why do dogs exist? Why are rabbit’s ears so big? And that age old question: why do children have so much energy?

Well, our mini philosophers pondered these questions  (which I’m guessing you already know they made up in the first place), and came up with some rather interesting, if not slightly “outside the box” answers.

So, conundrum number 1: why do dogs exist?

Our 9 year old petit Plato had this in the bag: “Because a cat had a weird baby and so they  called it a dog” she declared, with an unwavering confidence. Case closed. Move on silly adult.

As instructed, I will move swiftly on to our next issue: “why are rabbits ears so big?”

“Well, if they were really small then the rabbit would keep bumping into things!” Mystery solved. Yet again our little logicians had solved the riddle.

Which brings us to our final and possibly  most important  question  of all:

“Why do children  have so much energy?”

Folks, I’ll  admit it, I was stumped. Did they have rocket fuel in their pockets? Was there coffee in their coco pops?

The answer came from one of our lovely mums.

“I know this one!” She sighed, in a tired little voice.

So why do children have  so much  energy?

“They steal it from their  parents! ”

Case closed.

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