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What Youth work is really all about

This is the first blog for Be Enriched and something that we should all remember.

A few days ago I began the ‘ending’ part of a job, working with a group of young people for about 10 months. I’ve worked with them on and off for a few years, but in this role I was mentoring about 7 of them.

They all surprised me (I knew they were coming because they called to see if I was at work) by arriving at my work on a Saturday afternoon, when they could have been out. This alone was very heart warming.

I received presents, cards, chocolates and flowers and each was accompanied by a story told by the young person as it was handed over. The presents all reminded the young people of something that we had done together at some point and they didn’t want me to forget them and our shared experience.

I found it odd at first that all my cards were ‘Thank you’ and not ‘Sorry you’re leaving’ cards. And then I realised that I really had made a difference.

So, a reminder that to me my job is not just a job. It’s about making a difference and helping others to change and develop.


On the other hand they could have been really happy to see me go, but I don’t think so!

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