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Working day at Kildare Youth Theatre


Yesterday we were treated to a surprisingly professional and energetic selection of performances from Crooked House theatre group.

We spent most of the morning doing the organising and paperworky stuff but it’s been great to hear what the other groups will bring to the table. lots of diversity! The Austrians are a massive youth theatre, Portuguese, like Be Enriched, have fingers in lots of pies and are virtually running the city they’re from, then there’s us, the baby of the group, but lots to add to the programme.

We left all feeling inspired by each other and the programme in June. Peter Hussey, the director here spent a lot of his time ferrying people back and forth, sorting out issues and illnesses while playing a great host to us. A play called Hearts was performed in the evening giving us a chance to mingle with a lot of the young people and hear from them first hand. They are a funny lot!

We finished the evening with some irish music! Music played by an irish man, I mean, as in included Johnny Cash and Ronan Keating? Oh, boy!

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