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Clean Eating: How I cured myself of hunger….

3 years ago I was a penniless Londonite trying to make ends meet by doing odd jobs and living off pasta and pesto. Then I discovered clean eating and haven’t looked back….

Erm, yes, well, my version of clean eating is eating healthy food with a community purpose. I set up our first community meal using surplus fruit an veg which is being thrown away in abundance everyday from every imaginable food outlet. Small shops, Supermarkets, markets, restaurants, cafes and the biggest waster of them all, homes. The bonus of this is that even when we cook up these lovely hot meals for local people, we all get to eat! sometimes there’s even a carrot or potato going spare, for later. We now have 3 community meals a week with another one in the pipeline. I’m eating lovely food 3 times a week and learning how to create recipes based on whats availiable. Long gone are the hungry penniless days. Hurrah!

This blog was inspired by a BBC documentary I watched about the clean eating craze throughout the world. Restricting foods are ridiculous. We cook with what we have and what we get given on that day. Those are our only restrictions

We at Be Enriched do not believe in any clean eating philosophy, except the one that says eating home cooked fresh food together with others increases our sense of community and wellbeing. Its ethically and environmentally sound. We love it!

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