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Food Poverty in Youth

Its Christmas time….

As the feed the world song begins. This blog is not about ‘that song’ at all but actually feeding the world starting with your own doorstep. Education to enable smarter shopping and cooking is key.

Its a forgotten issue that actually many of the UK’s youth, although they maybe living in relative poverty  are still living in poverty and they wont have a lovely home cooked meal that many of us will enjoy in the company of family and friends. Some will be going to the chippy for £1.99 meal.

Two young people from london have been working to combat this issue. They have developed a short programme that teaches the food wheel, nutrition for a healthy mind and also a cooking lesson from a professional chef. The journey has been great for them, learning how to put an event together but also finding out wht and why young people eat so badly.

Yes, the economy is one issue, but chicken and chips is false economy. Over the past few weeks they have learnt about soups! And that you can make a soup out of anything: bread, lettuce and more regular things like tomatoes!

Anyway, they really need our support to pull of the project and raise 2k for the bus, equipment, and a food hamper for the young people to practice with. Right now, they are £444 off the mark, so if you fancy giving the lifelong gift of food education to a young person, please donate £9 to 

and if you want to double it up as a gift to a friend click here

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

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