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I’m doing a charity run, but not for the reason you think…

In the charity world running, cycling and doing any sort of sport that involves a challenge is a given activity to raise funds for any sort of cause. Children, adults, dogs, cats, fish, Bobs new jumper?

I can’t really fathom why exercise, which everyone should do, is a challenge worth anyone supporting with their hard earned cash. I’m doing my run for the shiny medal at the end. A lasting symbol of winning!

Those were my thoughts before I began training for a 10k. Yes, its not a marathon but it sure feels like one. Every three to four days I run/jog/walk/crawl/roll to my front door after running 2-3 miles and feel like I have literally run for days. The sense of achievement is tremendous considering I am a person who won’t run for the bus. And I still won’t.

So now I am a runner. I prep before I go out, I wash my running clothes continuously, I have two running apps on my phone, I have a running playlist, my eating times revolve around the next run, I have a routine of stretches for when I come back and, most annoyingly, I am enjoying it. But It is a lot lot lot of work.

So my tune has completely changed, to the annoyances of anyone who will listen when i talk about my last run. I’m not just running for the medal. I’m running for the camaraderie, the joy, the achievement, the wind rushing through my braids…………………….

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