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Today we went to Outer Space!

So today at Kids Play we decided to take a trip into outer space (just a casual Monday afternoon stroll, as you do). We put on our Astronaut helmets and space suits – all specially designed by NASA (“Not. Actually. Space. Attire), got in our rocket ships, and blasted off!

But as any good astronaut will tell you, the first thing you have to do before any space mission, is warm up your vocal cords.

“Really?” I hear you say (I have excellent hearing), well the answer is “yes”. Before embarking upon your galaxy-gallivanting, you must do some exercises like “Lion face, lemon-face” (a favourite of Buzz Lightyear, apparently). A few extra-terrestrial tongue twisters later, and our space explorers were ready to go!

They say that in space no one can hear you scream…well let’s hope they’re wrong, because our astronauts sung a lovely song about flying to the moon which would have made the toughest of aliens weep with joy. They had some fancy actions to go along with the lyrics (of course we all had to put on our gravity-boots so our feet could actually touch the ground!) One of our little space invaders had a go at naming the all the planets, and told us all about the gas that helps the astronauts fly (draw your own conclusions folks).

Once we were deep in space, we encountered some aliens! They were extraordinary creatures: some were green, some were purple, some had 10 toes on each foot, and one was called “Allan”. We also met a little alien who had some self-esteem issues – he referred to himself as “the ugly wee green alien” – but we’re sure he’s beautiful on the inside.

After saying goodbye to our new planetary pals, we headed back to earth. It was great exploring amongst the stars, but I must say it was nice to come home. Even if it was raining. And cold. And windy. And I’ve ran out of chocolate…

On second thought: pass me my spacesuit.

I’m away to see Allan.

This blog was written by Rachel Leonard, creator of Kids Play Family Drama. Please support her project by donating here

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